Window limit reached on Android

I’m getting this alert message with the alert box information of “Can’t open a new window until you close one”.   Well sure, that makes sense and yet it doesn’t.


Well, for those who are not into tech here is the quick rundown.  If you were not on a smart phone or maybe tablet, these windows would be called browser “tabs”.  On my phone the limit is 8.  Thus, you just have to close one. That is, in this particular situation, window === tab, and this browser won’t allow many tabs.

Another option is to use another Web Browser. I’m now trying the Google Chrome browser available for Android. On Jelly Bean you can even replace the default browser link icon on the bottom toolbar of the screen with the Chrome one.

How to close a tab in browser

On my phone you scroll to the top of the current web page, and in the top right of the browser app,there is a button, widget, or something that you have to click.  This gets you into the ‘menu’ where you can close some of the open windows.  On my Samsung Note with Android 4.0.1, the button is an icon of cascaded rectangles.  I read that on other phones it is a vertical series of dots.

Note that on web sites they say you have to go into the menu to close a browser window.  Not really true, afaik, there is no old style browser menu.  If you go into the phone menu or soft key and close the browser you are closing the application, not a browser window or tab.   I know, what a mess!


This is so bad.

  1. Prior to my update to Android 4, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, I never had this problem.  So, it is this browser.
  2. It takes too much effort to close those windows.
  3. It takes too much time to close even one window.
  4. This whole thing is dumb.

Instead, why not just prompt or do something to offer a quick solution.  Like:

  • Offer or automatically reuse least recently used window?
  • Offer list of windows and single click to reuse one.
  • Put a link in the alert box to allow single click to go into the window list and close cha cha.
  • Not have a limit.

2013-05-02: The Chrome browser for Android handles multiple tabs much better than the stock browser, at least on my Note. You can have many, resize, order, scroll them, “… all kinds of moves.”

4 thoughts on “Window limit reached on Android”

  1. I understand browsers & tabs but have no clue how to act on the above inf. I have went to the list of apps opened and closed them. Still get the error per the above. I have rebooted & no change. How does the above tell me how to close a browser tab? I don’t get it?????????? There are probably 6 google entries on this subject and none have an answer that works for my tablet 10.1. Could you please be the first? The user manual does not address how to see active apps nor how to close them.

  2. Not sure I understand your question. You mention browser tabs and also applications. The browser is one application, you don’t close that. You close tabs within that application. How you close tabs within the tablet or smartphone is dependent on not only the smart phone but also the browser you are using. Since I switched from the built in browser on the Samsung Note (classic) and now use Groogle Chrome browser for Android, it is very easy. However, as I wrote in this blog post, that is how I did it with the prior default browser. I don’t use a 10.1 tablet, but I’m sure it will be similar. The most important thing is being precise with what you are attempting, browser, tabs, apps, etc. Generally on Android devices you do not need to close anything or stop any apps.

  3. I get the same pop up notice: says I have reached maximum numer of open windows that I have to close a windod before I can open a new one. What windows? Where or how do we close them? I can find a list of them but can not access them. If I slide my thumb or finger along the side of the existing open window a semi circle appears with several mini icons icluding: an x, then an incognito figure, then a plus symbol, then a flag with a number in it! Ibelievethisis the number of windows it is referring to. If you place your thum or finger tip over that flag a list of pages will appear. You would think the window that is show on top or open would be removed if you pressed on the x (the very first icon) but no nothing happens. I have on occasion cleared this list but not sure how I did it. Try to retracemy steps the next time this happens but still do not know the correct steps to take. So I have at it thisway thatwayand so on til they are gone. Usually bythis timeI have forgotten exactly how I did it. DUH! Is thhera step by step how to I can follow just 1 time so I know what the sam hello I just did

  4. I get the same error message re: cant open another window until you close one, this is on my Galaxy Tab 2. Lower left windows does not show all the windows opened in the browser. So eventually I make it to the opened tabs to close them and there is no header to use to close the window and the browser header doesnt show back up until you close some tabs. Its frustrating.

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