The arguments for two spaces after a period

Great post/rant on the two-space controversy, “Why I Two-Space“. The author puts forth great arguments for continued use of two-spaces after a period.

One thing he doesn’t mention, and it probably is just the way I personally read text, especially source code comments, is that multiple spaces makes it easier to chunk information.

I read in a strange way, I found. Instead of a plodding, slow linear read of every word, I skim through and actually read something multiple times. So while someone is still reading a paragraph , I read it about three times. Sometimes even fiction books too. Weird. Is it better? Probably not. Just the way I’m wired, and how I have to embed information in this human neural net.

Anyway, where was I. … 🙂

Lets also fix that “it vs it’s” thing too, XML comments, war, and peace. It’s not rocket science.

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