Future of Google Glass: Continuum TV series

The TV series Continuum starring Rachel Nichols has some fancy high tech augmented reality from the year 2077. There are no nerd glasses, the corporate state actually does something to the eyes and other neural circuitry that is used in conjunction with a fancy super-computer skin tight (of course) costume. Pretty neat. The tech is not new, SciFi literature has been using these ideas for a very long time already.

To the naysayers of the Google Glass type of devices: If Science Fiction and other forms of imagination are any judge, we haven’t seen anything yet. The downside is that it seems privacy and security issues will not keep up with tech advances.

Alas, the TV series was cancelled (?). Yet, ‘Two and Half Creatures’ is still on. Go figure.

Motorola QIP7100 2 RF SDTV to Slingbox?

Yes. I got it to work. Just don’t know the actual process. I tried a bunch of stuff.

The last try I went into the setup process, setup up slingbox. Then I disabled the RF input, selected another input, then reselected the RF input. Started seeing a blinking message, something like: select Menu to see Verizon TV. It worked. Picture looks great too. I can even connect and see SlingBox using the browser based app that runs in FireFox.

Last thing to do is set up the ability to change channels remotely. Currently I run upstairs and change channels with the remote. I can’t find the IR remote control attachment for the SlingBox and the QIP7100 doesn’t come up on the list of cable boxes when setting up the controller.

The SlingBox and software I have are very old and unsupported. Awesome that this still works. Well, I don’t have channel control yet. Nothing on TV anyway!


  • SlingBox: SlingBox HD Pro, software 1.4.20
  • SlingPlayer:
  • Host OS: Windows 7 64bit Professional


Great TV series "Sherlock"

I just discovered the British TV series “Sherlock”, a recreation of the Sir Arthor Conan Doyle’s detective character Sherlock Holmes.

As with many British series, excellent!!!! The two actors, Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as Watson are splendid. Finally when I picture Holmes, I no longer picture Holmes as looking like Philip St. John Basil Rathbone. Kudos to the director and everyone involved in its making.

My only critique is that it seems to jump the shark a little; Holmes is just to over the top. But, I guess heroes being like that is in the telly. Also, the episodes are complex. Like, I still don’t get the significance of the pink dress the victim was wearing in one of the episodes.

The series is also available on NetFlix streaming.


"Switched At Birth" TV series

I finished watching the 22 episodes on Netflix. It might also be available on Hulu and on the show’s web page. This is originally an ABC Family network show.

Excellent show! I couldn’t stop watching it. The actors were awesome. Imagine, the two teen girls learn that they were switched at birth. Not only that, they are from two different socioeconomic sides of the tracks. I also like that one of the “factors” of this show is that one of the teens is deaf, so there is use of ASL and that whole world is given some welcome recognition in media.

“Switched at Birth,” a one-hour scripted drama, tells the story of two teenage girls who discover they were accidentally switched as newborns in the hospital. …. Things come to a dramatic head when both families meet and struggle to learn how to live together for the sake of the girls.*