Relax Melodies app review

The “Relax M.” app is available for Android and iOS. This app is recommended for helping one to relax for sleeping, for help with Tinnitus, and general relaxation.

This post is related to the 2.3.3 version on Android. Apparently the iOS version of the app is much improved.

I read some reviews that missed the whole point of the app. Relax M. consists of a wide range of “soothing” sounds that you play, sure, but the big thing about it is that you combine these sounds to create your own personalized “mix”. For example, you can add windy day sounds to the sound of rain. The free version offers 46 sounds, the paid app 96 sounds.

Though this app is marketed as a sleep aid it could be used for other things:

  • Noise suppression
  • Background sounds
  • Hearing problems
  • Soothing sounds for baby (careful with volume on anything next to a child!)
The 46 free sounds in the free version
 * Afternoon                * Heavy Rain     * Orchestral          * Thunder 
 * Birds                    * Humming        * Oscillating Fan     * Thunder Storm 
 * Butterfly                * Icy Snow       * Piano               * Toskana 
 * Campfire                 * Immersed       * Rain                * Underwater 
 * Cat Purring              * Lounge         * Rain on Roof        * Urban Rain 
 * Cavern                   * Medieval       * Rainstorm           * Vacuum 
 * City Ambiance            * Melody         * Rainy Day           * Waterfall 
 * Duduk                    * MonkChant      * River               * White Noise 
 * Flute                    * Music Box      * Seaside             * Wind Chimes 
 * Frogs                    * Night          * Slow Waves          * Winds 
 * Grandfather Clock        * Ocean          * Storm               * Zen 

How this app could have been better?
1. Allow the user to add new sounds and music. Maybe someone will find that a freight train or steam locomotive is soothing. Me, I would find the sounds of the “L”, BMT Canarsie Line in New York City very soothing.
2. Easier way to change the volume of each sound in the current mix.
3. Easier way to find sounds: alphabetic, type, last used, and so forth.
4. Easy pause button.