Large-world networks and species, social, and internet collapse

A Small-World Network is found in many naturally and and artificial situations. At the other extreme, if a network is totally connected, a complete digraph? You get zero information. This can be translated into species collapse, zero advertising revenue, and others such as ineffectual internet search.

Can this happen? In animal populations a fully connected graph is when everyone is closely related. The gene pool is stagnant. That population dies. In the internet, it could happen if everyone is on FaceBook and knows everyone else, or they are on Twitter, and follows everyone else. Another example, in the Mathematical field, a complete graph would mean that everyone would have an Erdős number of 1.

Is there a graph measure that correlates to the above? The more connected the less information, an Entropy?

Information loss, heat death. Time for another Big Bang.


  • October 3, 2015: Continuing the above line of thought, perfect order leads to zero information.
  • October 5, 2015: A Zombie Apocalypse is just a food network that is maximally connected, your next meal is sitting right next to you.


Network access to VirtualBox VM?

How I setup a new VirtualBox VM running Ubuntu that could only be reached from the local network. An external network access (using port forwarding at the router) fails.

How I set up a new VirtualBox VM running Ubuntu that could be reached from the local network.

I first used the Bridged Network setup, which did not work. This is on VirtualBox 4.1.4. I have other VB vms where the Bridged Networking does work. hmm.

On this VM I changed networking to:
– NAT. Network Address Translation.
– Defined a Port Forward rule (via Virtual Box GUI). Ports on hosting PC get mapped to the VM guest. For example, 22.
– Made sure the Windows 7 Firewall allowed the external port.
– Defined a port forwarding at my network provider.
– Defined a port forward at my local router.

At least, that is what I think I did. In the turmoil of getting things to work, research what others tried, and then success, it is hard to get the actual process just right.

Saved, then waited; takes a while for everything to percolate through the network. Opened the URL and voila, I have access!

That was not easy! Where is that button?

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