Android 4 update changed voice of GPS Navigator

After I updated my Samsung Galaxy Note I717 phone to Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich), my GPS navigator’s voice is now very different.

First, the big change is the volume. It is very low. Even when connected to my car’s CD Aux input, the volume is totally inadequate. Unfortunately, I doubt I will ever afford a luxury car with no road and engine noise. I read somewhere that the volume was changed so that it is not independent of the phones media volume.

Second, the voice has changed. It is now a male voice. No problem with it being male but the frequency range of a male voice (at a low volume) causes it to get soaked up in a car, sounds muffled. Also, it has an accent. I don’t mind an accent, kind of nice, but I got used to the old female newscaster ethnic country neutral voice. Plus that female voice pierced the noise even with my window down to enjoy the breeze.

The weirdest thing is that sometimes I hear the male voice and the female. Leads me to think that the update was not perfect and I got some local information mixed up. Maybe the phone thinks I’m in Europe but the map knows I’m not.

I’m searching for a fix, but nothing yet.

By the way, nice app: Bookmark Home.

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Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note, SGH-i717. USA.
OS: Android 4.0.4