Hanging basket with a bunch of solar powered lights

Solar powered landscape lighting is an inexpensive way to add a simple accent to any ground area.

I bought a box of 12 lights and the cost was about 80 cents per unit. I didn’t have time to put them where I wanted. I just unpacked them and put them in a hanging basket on the deck.

Just a bunch of solar lights
Just a bunch of solar lights

Wow, I accidentally created a beautiful effect. In a very dark night JBOSL (Just of Bunch of Solar Lights) gives a soft eerie accent light.

They don’t even have to be in direct sunlight during the day. You don’t want bright lights, just a glow. Of course, if they don’t charge enough the glow won’t last long.

There are actual hanging solar powered light products out there, but for 80 cents a light and a cheap basket, you could add accents all over the place. Not too much, or you’ll be visited and have a close encounter of the wrong kind.

Solar lights are not very reliable. First they are cheaply made and I think quality control is weak. If you search web, you’ll find constant complaints that a percentage of solar lights received don’t even work.
What I find the most painful is that the batteries used in these things are “non-standard”; so hard to replace. Yup, rechargeable batteries wear out.

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