Groovy In Action book new edition coming?

The Groovy In Action book is THE resource for learning and using the Groovy programming language. Sure, there are other resources, but even the Groovy home page’s Groovy documentation is clunky to use. Unfortunately the Groovy language is at version 2 and the book was written long ago for version 1.0. Were there even smartphones then?

Erik Pragt writes that work on the next edition of GINA is resuming. About time.

That the GINA is still useful illustrates how well it covers the language and its use, so just keeping the same subjects but using the latest features in Groovy 2 would be enough. Some ideas

  • Keep the Grails stuff out.
  • Groovy as a scripting language.
  • Groovy as an application language.
  • More on extending Groovy
  • Testing
  • More on the Groovy components, like gpars


  • July 7, 2013: Added link to a review of first edition of GINA book