BitTorrent Sync on mobile

Just tested the new free file share and sync software from BitTorrent Labs, BitTorrent Sync. I shared files between my home PC and my mobile phone, Samsung Note. It works and was easy to set up and use.

Installed on Windows 7 PC. Copied some files onto the shared folder. Installed BTS on Android phone. Added a new folder to share. On PC copied the secret code (a very long alphanumeric string) to the BTS running on the mobile phone. Saw the files from the PC. On PC copied a new file into shared folder. Saw that file on mobile device. Sweet.

One thing I noticed is that if you turn off WiFi you lose connectivity. I saw no settings on the mobile device for turning on 4G use.

You can read all about BTS on their official site or search web. In a nutshell it allows you to share your own files among your computer and devices without using a central server. What that gives you is security, privacy, speed, and no size limits. No cloud. Note that this is still in beta mode.

Corporate issues
Of course, this gives another avenue for corporate information to be compromised, by Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, or just careless use.

The number one alternative is DropBox, of course. One of many advantages of DropBox is that it doesn’t require that both devices sharing files are turned on and connected. But in “Roll your own Dropbox with BitTorrent Sync on Amazon EC2” Sam Glover shows how to use your own server to do this. He shows how to use the Amazon EC2 system. If you run own home based server, it of course would be much easier.

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