Got my Raspberry PI's wifi and keyboard configured

Hit a bump getting the wifi dongle working. So I started following some instructions. Now that gave me another problem, the keyboard was not mapped correctly. When I typed a double quote I got an ‘@’ symbol. Turns out that the locale and keyboard were not set correctly for North America.

To fix the locales: Remapping the Keyboard
To fix the keyboard layout this video gave the simplest approach: Raspberry Pi – Change keyboard layout to US from default British layout
To fix the wifi problem this page was the solution: How to Set Up the Ralink RT5370 WiFi Dongle on Raspian

Test … my third monitor is now showing a page on the web. Cool. The Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B) is pretty fast.

May 24, 2015: I was having issues where the device would lock with blank screen and not respond to mouse or keyboard. Looks like the issue is the WI-FI dongle and the USB subsystem in this Linux. The log shows USB errors. Nothing seemed to fix this. The usual suggestion is to use an external powered USB. On a chance I updated the Linux OS and now the system is working fine. I can leave the PI on.

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