Cracked screen, can't access data

Just came to my attention that cell phone data can be inaccessible if you can’t unlock the phone via the screen. Scenario, you have thousands of pictures and stuff on your phone. You drop your phone, screen is broken fully (not just the glass), and now you can’t unlock the phone to access your data.

You would think that just connecting a USB cable would be enough. Well, how secure is that? You may be able to get at some storage, like an added micro card, but not phone storage. You still have to unlock the phone. You did copy your data to the microcard or put it on some cloud service?

Here is the bad news if you didn’t back up your data, your in trouble. If you did not prepare your phone for remote control, your in trouble. If you have to search the web to find a solution to this problem, your in trouble. If your want to pay to replace the display, your in trouble.


  1. Your phone should have a drop proof case. Yeah, your phone won’t look so thin, hip, and expensive.
  2. Backup your junk to multiple places. Everyone is giving away cloud storage so they have access to your data.
  3. Use the microcard storage. Can’t add storage to your phone, what lame phone is that?

None. Well, that are easy to use, are secure, and are foolproof. I just went to a service page that was totally inadequate and didn’t even present the latest OS process of their own phone. A lot of apps claim to help with remote access, but you have to first install them, and they have to be running, hogging memory and bandwidth. Plus, do you trust these apps?

What should be the solution?
This should be fixed by the system creators and vendors. This is not rocket science, when you connect a USB cable a phone should use that system, if capable, as a remote display. I’m sure this is doable or even a standard by now. It will be just as secure as the phone is, you’ll still have to unlock the phone using a pin or gesture.

This is available by WI-FI using server apps running on the phone itself. However, afaik, you have to be able to enable them via the phone itself. Also, is not as good as a USB, which is more secure. A remote control app is a prime attack vector.

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