Hudson/Jenkins CI Server, can't edit a job?

I was looking at a possible use of a Continuous Integration Server to quickly set up a build process.

I was looking at a possible use of a Continuous Integration Server to quickly set up a build process.

Downloaded the Jenkins war file, put into Tomcat and defined a simple Job that invoked an Ant file to echo “Hello World!”. Cool, that was easy. But, then I wanted to expand that job to do more. Could not find a modify or edit capability. Huh? What’s up with that?

I searched and found very little. There was even some mention of using SED to edit the Job configuration XML, yeeech! Edit using a text tool for a tree-based data structure?

Anyway, not impressed. Of course, this was a quick tryout. Or maybe Linux people are so perfect they never have to edit their work. 🙂

Is Jenkins/Hudson just a pretty face on *nix utilities?

I looked at a few other CI Servers. So far Pulse and Team City look interesting, but they are not free.

Mar 2, 2012: Used one of the latest Jenkins version. Much much better! Though I’m having issues getting Active Directory authentication going. Can log in ok, but then it uses the wrong user “name” that our PCs must use. You know how LDAP has all this distinguished this or that.


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2 thoughts on “Hudson/Jenkins CI Server, can't edit a job?”

  1. RTFM or visit the jenkins site You should rarely have to edit configuration using a text editor.

    No, jenkins is not a pretty face on some unix utilities. It even runs on Windoze.

    It is fairly straightforward to set up new jobs in jenkins. Just click “New Job” on the left and create a free-style project, enter a name and then add a “Build Step”, namely, “invoke ant”. You can even get it to install ant if you do not have it on your machine already.

  2. Nick:

    Was just kidding about the pretty face. I sped read the manual, did not see anything about editing a job.

    My critique was not about how easy it is to install and use, but the fact, afaik, that there is no interface to edit an easily created job. Of course, a job is just a schedule, more or less, and the target of the job, like an Ant script is the meat of it. Still ….

    – jb

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