MercurialEclipse error 'dotencode' not supported!

on an Eclipse project I got this Team error: abort: requirement ‘dotencode’ not supported!

When using Team Mercurial to refresh an Eclipse project I got this error:   “abort: requirement ‘dotencode’ not supported!”

Strange I just updated the Intland Software’s MercurialEclipse feature and it’s running Mercurial 1.7.0.


Anyway, to fix I just went into the

plug-ins configuration: Windows -> Preferences -> Team -> Mercurial and unchecked the “Use default (built-in) Mercurial executable”.

I specified “C:Program Files (x86)TortoiseHghg.exe” or whatever is the location of the latest hg.

It worked. Hope it doesn’t break something else.


  • 2011MAR04: I updated to new Hg ver 1.8 and TortoiseHg 2.0. Had to make the change again in Eclipse. TortoiseHg 2.0, btw, looks beautiful. Nice work on the UI.

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What is Eclipse's Current Workspace?

Unless you start Eclipse with the “-showLocation” option there is no way to know what the current workspace location is?

Maybe someone knows the answer. Unless you start Eclipse with the “-showLocation” option there is no way to know what the current workspace location is. Another method is to use the Eclipse menu system: File -> Switch workspace -> Other. The workspace will be in the resulting dialog box.

There are also a few configuration settings available in the Eclipse -> About -> Show configuration:

One reason to know is that when I go to create a new project, do I specify the workspace or is the current workspace the one I want? I don’t remember if the workspace is shown or specified on project creation, will have to check.

Maybe I’m missing some internal Eclipse reason for this (similar to that crazy bug when the copyright name was changed inside Java) and there is no way for Eclipse to know this. Still, seems lame.

10 JUL 2012: Eclipse Juno: -showLocation doesn’t seem to be working, doesn’t show location in title bar of Eclipse.
17 JAN 2011: Found the answer, see below. I was on the right track. If I read the FAQ entry correctly, the current project is accessible (even though there can be many active projects), it is just not exposed in the Eclipse UI? But, that doesn’t really show the workspace, of course.

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