The arguments for two spaces after a period

Great post/rant on the two-space controversy, “Why I Two-Space“. The author puts forth great arguments for continued use of two-spaces after a period.

One thing he doesn’t mention, and it probably is just the way I personally read text, especially source code comments, is that multiple spaces makes it easier to chunk information.

I read in a strange way, I found. Instead of a plodding, slow linear read of every word, I skim through and actually read something multiple times. So while someone is still reading a paragraph , I read it about three times. Sometimes even fiction books too. Weird. Is it better? Probably not. Just the way I’m wired, and how I have to embed information in this human neural net.

Anyway, where was I. … 🙂

Lets also fix that “it vs it’s” thing too, XML comments, war, and peace. It’s not rocket science.

'We Just Want To Visit Websites And Look At Them'

This hilarious Onion news article, “Internet Users Demand Less Interactivity“, as with most good comedy expresses a genuine concern. All right already with all that information gathering and interactivity, sometimes I just want to read or look at stuff. Leave us alone.

Found the reference to article at: Rounded Corners 388 — Internet Users Demand Less Interactivity