Wrap rage?

So many rages these days. Wrap rage? Aren’t scissors the answer?

So many rages these days. Wrap rage? aren’t scissors the answer?

Nature is so wise, putting incisors in Humans, not for meat eating, but for their future creation of product packaging!

Man gets jailed for attack!

Man gets jail time for attacking his neighbor. He plead innocent; was only trying to open the dam blister package with a scissor; it slipped and stabbed his neighbor, who was standing there giggling and pontificating on the demise of society.

Jury decided that he was really mad at the pontification, not at the package. Asked Judge if they could visit the victim so that they could attack him too; they are sick of all these downers.

Yeah, I made it up. But, these packages are a PITA.

Its not just clamshell or hard plastic packaging. They are just too tight and have no dangling or extension to rip, cut, or undo.

One day I got a box of water crackers. They were tightly packaged, not even a piece at the end with the jagged edge that you could simply rip. Even a knife could not pry the ends open. No wonder primates are taking their time evolving.

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