Upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 works in VirtualBox 4.0.6

The upgrade was pretty smooth. And, VirtualBox does allow 3D graphic support, so Unity can be used as the UI.

The upgrade to Natty Narwhal was pretty smooth. At first it failed cause my 8GB virtual drive did not have enough free space for the upgrade process. So I ran the Computer Janitor (I think that was the app) to make room. One day I’ll have to figure out how to increase my vm disk size (the snapshots, I read, make this complex).

After that it was pretty quick though at some points it prompted with some Linux geeky questions I had no way of answering, like “do you want to keep the cosmic figenbouton driver file?”. Yea, I said to keep everything. Finally restarted and then it said the Unity Desktop interface could not be used, I needed 3D. So, I shut Ubuntu down and in VirtualBox enabled the 3D options for the Ubuntu VM. Restarted and 3D worked. Hmmm, never did before, and I always had the same graphics card.

Unity looks good. I don’t see the revolution in it yet. The task bar is on the side, the “Start” button is on top, etc. The Launcher is ok. I could not find the Admin apps. It should have at least migrated the former menus into a legacy category. And the default transparency is too transparent.

But, it does rise to the Windows 7 level of usability (I don’t know about the Apple world, I’m not rich). Microsoft needs to innovate more. Stop copying and come up with something. Ubuntu is looking sweet.

Right now I’m listening to a Triple Concerto by Bach that is on my Windows 7 hard drive. It is playing in Ubuntu via the automatic shared drive that VirtualBox now allows. Chrome, FireFox, and Solitare is running in Ubuntu. A bunch of stuff in Windows 7. Pretty cool.

I recommend Ubuntu 11.04 and the Unity interface.

Have been using it today. Unity Desktop has some warts. Once I was moving the mouse into a window so I can drag its right edge and make it wider. The little thumby scroll widget kept cropping up. Ugh! Little things like that. Not much, but they add up. No right mouse button click for properties and other things? Weird. Maybe its an option setting.


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– Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.0.6 r71344
– HP P6230Y
– AMD Phenom II X4 810/2.6 Ghz
– Windows 7 Professional 64bit
– HIS HD 5670 IceQ 1GB (128bit) GDDR5 PCIe Display Port (DirectX 11/ Eyefinity)
– Samsung SyncMaster P2350
– Acer P241w

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