Transfer files with Android smartphone?

Lately I’ve been using the free AirDroid app.

Pretty easy to use:

  • Install via “Google Play Store”.
  • Start AirDroid on phone.
  • The app displays a web address you open in a Browser on the PC or laptop that has the files you want.
  • Enter the displayed Dynamic Passcode (I also select the secured connection).
  • Now you have a “desktop” of the Android on your browser.

This works over wifi connection.

To upload music (from PC to phone), just click the Music icon, then click ‘Upload’. On FireFox, you can drag&drop files in the resulting dialog. The advantage of using AirDroid compared to a dedicated file transfer app is that you can do more with AirDroid, like send SMS messages from your browser, etc.

Is it secure? Who knows? You investigate all these apps and you find conflicting data. I think in today’s age we are the product, as FaceBook epitomizes.

Kies Air works similarly.

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