'TheBrain' still unique!

I have been a PersonalBrain (TheBrain) user for many years. Lately I have not used it much since my current contract job is behind a firewall, allows no downloadable software, etc. Not complaining, security is important.

Today, at home, I had to look up a subject on the web. Did the search, not much found. Looked at my saved links in a folder, not much. Then opened up my TheBrain, version 5. Lo and behold, the opened “plex” user interface allowed me to browse the subject, find long ago formed context mappings, explore new relationships, see things in a different light, give new ideas, stimulate new things to look up and explore.

How can one interface do that? Well, it is a cognitive interface. That is how real brains work, forming tangles of relationships, directed graphs. TheBrain is unique software. Surprisingly, even in 2012, there is no similar product. It doesn’t fall into familiar categories; it is not Mind Mapping or context mapping, for example.

I think I’ll think of it as a category of Cognitive Mapping product.  Its like Context Mapping but with “focus”.

Update, Feb 26, 2013: I read that they are working on an iOS and Android version. That would be interesting. Would be a big challenge I would imagine if they target smartphones.

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