'The Big Bang Theory', funny?

I guess I’m a geek. I’m into tech, read non-fiction science books, have more than two monitors in front of me at home, have a dull smart-ass sense of humors, etc. So I should love The Big Bang Theory show on TV. Everyone at work is always raving about it. Yet, I don’t. I was able to watch it once for five minutes.

I finally figured out one reason why. Its that obnoxious laugh track. It is so intrusive, and as loud as the commercial breaks. Why? Supposedly there is a studio audience.

There are YouTube videos showing some episodes without the laugh track. This made it even more evident another reason I don’t like the show, the characters are unlikable. Unlike with the “Seinfeld Show”, where you wouldn’t want to associate with the characters, but they were funny, with TBBT, you don’t want to associate with them, and they are not funny. Now that is funny. Que the laugh track.

I think the show is really aimed at faux geeks. Like what real geek or nerd would need to be told when to laugh? And in that sense maybe they should just create an app for that. When a supposedly funny thing is said on the show, the app can signal people when to laugh. Better yet, the app can be social, oooooooh, now you can signal all your true friends with a “haha”. I hereby copyright this idea.

Just to make sure I’m not weird, I searched to see if I’m alone in my view. Nope! Here is one example: 11 Reasons Geeks Hate The Big Bang Theory

And great shows like “Almost Human” get canceled? Maybe they should have added a laugh track.

*The other day I said that instead of developer I should have been a Tooththologist. Get it? Dentist. Oh well, you had to be there.

November 5, 2015: Slashdot just had a thread on this show. Of course, self-infautuated smug “geeks” gloat how they get the jokes and us, dummies, are not worthy. Yawn.

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