Do tablets have a black screen of death problem?

Just happened to my tablet, a Samsung Tab Pro 10.1. If you search online for this you find many discussions and pleas for help. Does this happen to other brands of laptops?

BTW, there is also a White Screen of Death associated with iPod, iPad, or iPhone.

On restart, the screen would not show. Sound is ok, buttons seem functional. A restart or reset using button combinations did not fix this.

The Fix
Luckily I found some instructions on how to fix this. Remove the back cover, disconnect the LCD cable, wait for a few minutes, then reconnect.

Note: Now my WI-FI level is very low. Yikes! I took it apart to see if there is some kind of antenna connection to the case or cover. Don’t see anything. waaaaaa. (;゚︵゚;)

Update: June 18, 2015 – Changed the channel my wi-fi router was using. Fixed! But, now if I hold the tablet at edge, get low WI-FI level. Arrrrr. >:(


One person wrote Galaxy Tablet Reboot Trick. Too bad I did not try that first.


  1. Doing this may void your warranty.
  2. Don’t use a metal device to pry the back cover off. Get a plastic prying device that are sold in kits for this kind of thing. Or use a guitar pick.
  3. Getting the cover off takes a lot of careful prying.
  4. Some people recommend you disconnect the battery connector before you disconnect the LCD connector.
  5. Getting the cover back on is just as hard. I still don’t have it seating well.

Note that all (?) electronic components that have multiple connected parts will have issues. When I worked with metrology components or Electrochemical control devices, sometimes the only thing that would fix them was to disconnect and reconnect some device or subsystem, wait a while, then turn the unit back on. I just read that this is one technique to ‘fix’ ECU units on some automobiles.


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