Spring Framework's ModelAndView word

I was a doing a little Spring MVC a few weeks ago, reading the docs, yet again. One thing that irked me a bit with Spring is the “ModelAndView” term. Couldn’t they have found a better word to capture that?

Well, at lunch one day I came up with a word: Pose. Hmmm, was that the word? I should have written it down. Anyway, in the fashion modeling world (not that I know anything about it) the view captured of a model is a ‘pose’.

“Pose”: “A particular way of standing or sitting, usually adopted for effect or in order to be photographed, painted, or drawn.”

Or, maybe not.

April 27, 2013: Just stumbled on this blog post by Kent Tong on this subject: Better name for ModelAndView in Spring MVC?

Spring API on ModelAndView
Better name for ModelAndView in Spring MVC?

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