Sonos Wireless HIFI system setup

It was time to upgrade our home music system. The Sonos system met the requirements. At the store I compared Play:5 sound to a Bose system. The Bose sound seemed slightly better, at least with the demo music it was using, but appeared (at the store) to be an iPhone based system and I use an Android smartphone. Since I don’t listen to pop music, and excess bass, I picked the Sonos and don’t regret it.

Setup is easy
Installing was pretty easy. Connect a Sonos Bridge (a separate purchase) to the network, install the Sonos controller app on the smartphone, press a button on the bridge and then on the player. Now you can control the player. The app is not bad. (The current version 4.1 is awesome).

April 19, 2014: I just saw on news that Sonos is thinking of not requiring the Bridge component: Our Vision for Rock-Solid Wireless, Evolved.

Accessing a folder
So far so good. This is where the problems began. How to access my music on the Windows 7 PC? No matter what I tried, could not access a shared folder. Opened up firewalls, looked at ports, etc. Looked like router issues. Luckily I still had my old wifi router switch that I was using before FIOS was installed to replace cable. I connected that router to the new primary router using a Cascade configuration. I set the music folder on the PC Shared access and tried again. it worked! I can see the file folders now. Not really sure what really made it work. Now I have yet another tangle of wires.

So, what do I have now. I can control Sonos using my Samsung Note running the free Sonos app. The Sonos sounds great. The access to music is fast. In contrast, trying to access music folders using DLNA is torture using my networked Sony TV.

PC Controller won’t install
See solution below.

I tried installing the Sonos controller on Windows. At one step it asks that you press a button on a Sonos component on the network. I press the button on the Bridge, the software says, I found it, then it attempts to set up the connection. Finally, it says it did not find anything. Doh!

Before you get a Sonos check the network hardware compatibility. Unfortunately, the solution offered on this page makes no sense:
“A third party wireless access point is needed. Sonos Controller for iPhone or SONOS CONTROL that are wireless should be associated to this third party access point and not the Actiontec/Qwest.” Ok, how?

Things I tried:
– Connecting the PC directly to the bridge, then the bridge to the old router. Same problem.
– Turning off Windows firewall. Nope.
– Reinstall of controller. Nope.
– Firewall in the router. Tried once, and router ceased working. Had to reset it and configure my network. Yeech. Do non-computer literate people buy this stuff?

I did not try turning off the WIFI in the Actiontec router. I’m surprised Fios is installing this router that may have issues.

Do I return the system? One part of it doesn’t work, the PC software. I got used to the sound and the ease of access to music and radio. Pandora is awesome on this.

PC Controller install SOLVED!
Turns out the Sonos system was trying to use a second network adapter running on my PC, VirtualBox Host-Only Network. Once I disabled that, the Sonos controller installed. I found the solution here, Using a Sonos Desktop Controller with a VPN or VMware adapters.

If you have the Android app do you really even need the PC Sonos controller. Yes! The phone app is good but nothing competes with a large fast easy to use system.

Now I’m piqued, is there any way to associate the controller with a specific adapter? Why doesn’t this cause problems elsewhere? So, if I have to run my Ubuntu in VirtualBox I can’t also run my Sonos controller in the Windows PC?

Update: August 31, 2013: Strange I can now run Sonos controller on PC while running Ubuntu Linux in a Virtual Box. No network issues. Hmmm.

Laptop Controller install not solved
While the PC controller install now works, the install on a laptop that is connected to network via WIFI does not. I think I will try disabling the WIFI on the actiontec and just using the WIFI on the LinkSys router. Will update when I find out if this works.


  • Windows 7 64bit
  • router: Actiontec MI424WR
  • router: linksys WRT54GS
  • Sonos: Player:5
  • Sonos: Bridge


3 thoughts on “Sonos Wireless HIFI system setup”

  1. Great article on Sonos – I’m thinking of joining the Sonos party, I’ve got two rooms where I need music but only about £350 budget – any recommendations appreciated.

  2. Depends on your requirements. I have a Sonos 5 and a Sonos 1. I found the Sonos 1 to be adequate, despite what some of the reviews on the web say about it. It is enough to fill one room with powerful sound. Also you could probably get the Sonos bridge free with some store promotions. If your rooms are wired, you won’t even need a bridge.

  3. To be honest the only way to relaly do that is to have multiple devices. One hooked up for a set of speakers. But something else you could do is get an expensive receiver to hook up multiple devices to it then get one of those remotes that control everything to change which inputs that its receiving and just listen to that but it will be on all your speakers. But that is just from what I’m understanding of your question. Pretty neat idea though

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