Social web means slow web?

I just visited a news site.  My laptop is reasonably fast for web browsing and I have a fast enough network connection.  Yet, the site did not pop up, instead one fourth of it loaded.  The rest of the time was spent (as shown in my status bar on FireFox browser),  google analytics, twitter streams, RSS stuff, and so forth.

I realize that someone somewhere has to pay for the social web.  Just like consumers indirectly pay for broadcast TV.  I’m all for it.  But, I see some problems up ahead as the proliferation of rich content and social networks mixed in with revenue generation processes clash.  Already there are some bandwidth problems as people start to use more streaming media on the net.

What is the solution?  If I knew, I’d be rich.  I’m sure it will involve greater use of Content Delivery Networks, Edge servers, Grids, and Torrent-like technologies.  But, did I mention that security and privacy concerns put a kink on any mad computer scientist scheme

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