Setting Excel cell movement per cell?

Can cell movement be set per cell not worksheet?

This seems like an easy to satisfy Use Case.  I have a group of cells that calculate time differences.  The data is entered into two colums and I want to move to the second column when I hit the enter key.

Yes, I could go into Excel options, advanced, cell movement and choose which direction to move.  But, that applies to the whole worksheet, I want it to apply to only a few cells.  This is not possible in Excel?????   Excel has been around for hundreds of years and such a simple thing is not available?  Doh!

Of course, I searched on web, but did not find an answer.  The closest is “Control Cursor Movement in Vba”.  But, that seems so ungainly.  Why can’t the cell have a property that indicates what is the next cell to move too?  Oy vey!

Let me search again.  Maybe I’m using the wrong terms for our high-tech HTML scraping search engines (smirk).


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