Roadways as linear induction power generators

Take every roadway in a country, embed a series of electromagnetic coils, now put a magnet on the bottom of every vehicle, result is electrical generation. This idea came up during the morning shower. Can’t embellish, late for work!

Back home ….

Turns out reuse of roadways to harvest energy is an ongoing research and in some places experiments. So far a web search shows that piezoelectrical and thermoelectrical are widely sited as technologies to use. I have not seen the use of linear inductors mentioned. Perhaps there are serious engineering reasons, maybe they could even cause even more energy waste.

Some commentators on various news sites state that these systems are more like bogus perpetual motion machines, in that the vehicles will have to expend energy on the road energy generators, so there is no gain. I think that is nonsense since the vehicle will expend waste energy in many different ways, they are already deflecting the road surface, causing wind energy, and so forth. But, I don’t know the field.


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