Microsoft Offers Reward for any successful Bing search!

It must mean something that to find something on Microsoft’s own sites, you have to use Google. Even within Microsoft Office apps, searching for something is like embarking on a mythical quest for some holy foo.

Come on Microsoft, you supposedly hired the best, but we’re getting the worst. If within Office Word I open the Help window and search for “remove horizontal line”, relevant hits should show up, and they should only be related to Word. In fact, if I put quotes around it, nothing is found. No, I won’t check my spelling, didn’t those PHD,s put some algorithm to account for spelling?

Let me try the same search on Google, boom, 0.27 seconds later, 35,700 results.

What I’d like to see in the Wall Street Journal one day, ratings for:

Suckiness Evilness Richness
Microsoft ? ? ?
Google ? ? ?
Apple ? ? ?

By the way, this is all in jest and constructive feedback. Just in case I apply for a job at Microsoft. Do you hire average intelligence but a lot of creativity and good looks? If you don’t, maybe that’s the problem.

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