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Read it Later Digest is beautiful, smart, and easy!

Read it Later Digest is beautiful, smart, and easy!*  What it does is take the addresses you saved to read later, sorts them into categories, and then creates a web page just for you.  Doesn’t sound like much and other sites like Delicious do similar.  True, but this one looks nice and the categorizing is automatic.

So, since I put the addresses in there myself, of course I’m interested in them.  Thus, its like a custom magazine.   Now that is using technology to really save time and leverage its capabilities.

Of course, social is the new chic.  You can make the Digest public and share it with others.

One thing that this application shares with many “Web 2.0” efforts is that the categorization is not perfect.  For example, I have a link to a Groovy language article, but Digest categorized this as Business.  Not major.  Until the web gets Semantic, we get only data, the information humans will still have to supply.  I wonder is there is anyway to give the Digest hints or more info on what certain pages are about.  Alas, if we could all just mark our pages with RDFa …

* If I were crude, I would say that describes a perfect date.

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