Motorola QIP7100 2 RF SDTV to Slingbox?

Yes. I got it to work. Just don’t know the actual process. I tried a bunch of stuff.

The last try I went into the setup process, setup up slingbox. Then I disabled the RF input, selected another input, then reselected the RF input. Started seeing a blinking message, something like: select Menu to see Verizon TV. It worked. Picture looks great too. I can even connect and see SlingBox using the browser based app that runs in FireFox.

Last thing to do is set up the ability to change channels remotely. Currently I run upstairs and change channels with the remote. I can’t find the IR remote control attachment for the SlingBox and the QIP7100 doesn’t come up on the list of cable boxes when setting up the controller.

The SlingBox and software I have are very old and unsupported. Awesome that this still works. Well, I don’t have channel control yet. Nothing on TV anyway!


  • SlingBox: SlingBox HD Pro, software 1.4.20
  • SlingPlayer:
  • Host OS: Windows 7 64bit Professional


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