Proactive Agents?

I read a blog post related to the topic I mentioned, “Synergistic Social Agent Network Cloud”. The term Proactive Agents is mentioned by …

I read an interesting blog post related to the topic I previously wrote about: “Synergistic Social Agent Network Cloud“.

The term Proactive Agents is mentioned by Carlos E. Perez, in “Software Development Trends and Predictions for 2011“:

Proactive Agents – For decades people have been forecasting the emergence of digital personal assistants that would actively react to the environment on one’s own behalf. The emergence of always present smart mobile devices and cloud computing shared spaces will be the catalyst for the developing of active agent based computing platforms and frameworks. At present, most computing is merely reactive, that is servicing web requests only on command of a user. Future computing will include a proactive aspect that suggests courses of actions to users. Semantic technologies like Zemanta and OpenCalais provide intelligence to writers by suggesting tags that are relevant to a written document.

Are current social networks, apps, and other mobile devices “proactive” yet?

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