Open sourcing of business?

Just had a  thought.  What if like the software industry we open source business?  That is, instead of gov, private, or public we “open” it?  I don’t mean all of them of course, that would be even dumber.

Public companies are owned by the stockholders, but how many stockholders know how these companies work much less what they plan.  Not the teaming mass who own them by some institution or mutual fund.   Every so often you get some proxy request to vote for somebody to continue to be chairman of something, yet you don’t really know what to do, do you?

Just open all the records up, have voting systems for grading plans and allocations and so forth.  A kind of ‘slashbus’ .  Where a culture of meritocracy is fostered.

Well, you get the picture.   I know silly.  It was a just a thought.

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