missing '}' in xml expression javascript

Good thing the web is a great idiot reduction device*. I just spent too much time trying to debug why an external js file would not load after I send it using the embedded server I’m using.

Well, I searched using Google and found something in StackOverflow (great site!).

The thing with StackOverflow is that even there, you have to really read carefully and fast, you won’t get a blinking marquee telling you what you should know.

The page was relevant, but the answer (in my case) was found in a little entry. I was using the <script> tag in my external script file, doh!.

BTW, how do I vote for one of those little entries being part of the answer?

*Unfortunately, I think it is more the opposite when it comes to non-technical information. We should dump the “Urban Myth” term and use something else, “Web Myth”?

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