iTunes streaming server on readyNAS X6

Can iPhone stream from a DLNA server?

This is a surprise, my NAS has a FireFly server built in. Using iTunes on a PC I can connect to the server and stream my music.

Never noticed it, or if I did, paid attention to it. After getting an iPhone, had to deal with iTunes. So, today while tweaking the NAS to enable Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) access, I turned on the FireFly server. It works! Listening to “Double Concerto in D minor” by J.S. Bach.

But streaming to the iPhone?

Now I’m searching as to how to stream from the FireFly server to the iPhone over WiFi. So far have not found any answers yet.

I found this:  but it wants me to install PHP on the NAS.  Hmmm.

NAS box is:

Model: ReadyNAS X6
Firmware: RAIDiator 4.1.6 [1.00a147]
Volume C: Online, X-RAID, 3 disks, 57% of 912 GB used

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    1. Unfortunately my NAS’s fan is now so loud I can’t even have it on. So, can’t answer you.
      if( Non-standard sized fan + old NAS box) {aggravation++};

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