Galaxy Note is slow with Jelly Bean?

Finally got Android 4.1.2 on the AT&T SGH-i717 phablet, the original Note. Looks great, the graphics are better, sound is clearer, many nice things. But …

One thing that seems slower is switching from app to app. It could be my configuration, number of apps, and so forth. Still looking into it.

Interesting how the ram load increases on this phone after a restart: an initial 450MB climbs to 527MB/743MB. Then when you click ‘clear memory’ you see ’18 applications closed’. Now there is 352MB/743MB.

May 5, 2013: I got some speed up by clearing each app’s cache. Some app’s Cache button are not enabled.
May 26, 2013: Continued topic: Speeding up Galaxy Note

Is a factory reset really needed?
How safe is that? Sure you can save your settings in Kies, but we all know about backup software, getting things back is not guaranteed. “Full Backup of non-rooted devices” has some an interesting information.

In the PC world there is a saying “Intel giveth, Microsoft taketh away”. Is the same true in the mobile world? ARM gives, vendors take it away? So much cruft pre-installed, sneakily added, hard to disable or remove, hidden, and so forth. Also, the social frenzy. Must everything be connected. I tried a simple app once, very simple, it wanted to connect to my social network, promptly canceled and deleted. Then there is the location aware “helpers”, really advertising revenue streams and consumerization culture enforcers. No wonder they are talking about octo-cores!


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