Future of Google Glass: Continuum TV series

The TV series Continuum starring Rachel Nichols has some fancy high tech augmented reality from the year 2077. There are no nerd glasses, the corporate state actually does something to the eyes and other neural circuitry that is used in conjunction with a fancy super-computer skin tight (of course) costume. Pretty neat. The tech is not new, SciFi literature has been using these ideas for a very long time already.

To the naysayers of the Google Glass type of devices: If Science Fiction and other forms of imagination are any judge, we haven’t seen anything yet. The downside is that it seems privacy and security issues will not keep up with tech advances.

Alas, the TV series was cancelled (?). Yet, ‘Two and Half Creatures’ is still on. Go figure.

2 thoughts on “Future of Google Glass: Continuum TV series”

  1. Continuum isn’t cancelled! It’s releasing Episode 1 of Season 3 on March 16 2014! (Only 12 days away – can’t wait!)

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