What is up with Fox News?

Ok, we know that Fox News is biased. There is no denying that. Very hard to be non-biased.

Ok, we know that Fox News is biased. There is no denying that. Very hard to be non-biased. And, we know that the Fox “non-news” shows are unbridled lunacy and cater to the lowest reptilian brain area of otherwise nice people, that “Fox Geezer Syndrome“.

But, is there an excuse for just being a bad News network? I’m watching* the Sunday morning news shows. Fox News Sunday, of course, has some Republican talking head discussing the Libyan crisis. But, instead of getting into the issues and exploring the nuances, the GOP guy just uses this to critique President Obama. In contrast, on “This Week With Christiane Amanpour”, there are probing questions that reveal that the issues are not ninth grade reading level cut and dry.

The world is complex; who would have thought? No wonder they want to get rid of NPR.

One future day on Fox news:

Obama: Well, my second term is up. My last executive action is to give the Rethugs, I mean the Republicans their chance. I will start them off running. I decree that rich people will pay no taxes (since we know that trickle down helps everyone, <wink>). I will eliminate minimum wage requirements. No limits to foreign worker visas. Consumers should directly pay capitol gain taxes, no financial bait-and-switch needed to do it anymore. Humanitarian bleeding-heart liberal welfare state programs will be stopped, and the extra money will go to the military; we need a few more barely functional weapon systems. All regulatory agencies are now dissolved, the Market (which we should bow down to) is self-policing and destined to take us to libertarian heaven. Health care is gone, if you can’t take care of yourself, what are you living for? Further, …..

Fox news: But, where is your long-form birth certificate?


Very insightful observation:

The popularity of vigorous rage merchants like Beck and Olbermann are not a sign of our political culture‚Äôs vitality, but rather its decadence. We live in a time and place that puts high value on emotion, and that views emotions as self-validating. To feel something is thought by many to be sufficient evidence of its truthfulness, or at least its authenticity. This is a mark of the barbarian. I understand why post-Sixties liberals make the mistake of believing that nonsense. But conservatives? — R. Ramsey

Another individual, Ira Rosofsky, in a blog post gives some background material on today’s “emotional” extremism. See “The Paranoid Style in American Politics“. He states that Richard Hofstadter wrote about this in 1964.

*I’m using my old SlingPlayer box to watch boob tube** at my home workstation. Cool. SlingPlayer is prob one of the best and least known solutions.

**No, not that tube. Oy veah.

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  1. Well, since I’m mind=conservative, heart=liberal, you’d get some weird self-contradictory stuff that would not seem reasonable in an unreasonable world. But, half my brain is working on some ideas.

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