Fixing sound on OpenSolaris in VirtualBox

On my new system I installed OpenSolaris 2009.16 in a VirtualBox instance.  Nice!  OpenSolaris is very advanced Unix system but presents a user interface that is also found on popular Linux distributions, Gnome.  A lot of new stuff is in the latest release.

VirtualBox running OpenSolaris
VirtualBox running OpenSolaris

But, sound was not working.  I found two blog posts that show how to get it going:   The Observatory and Constantin’s Bloog.  As usual, the steps did not work.  And as usual, a bunch of mucking about was successful.  Unfortunately, the exact sequence was not captured.  I followed the advice in both posts.  I do remember that you have to run ossdetect, and then precede (or follow) it with pkexec /usr/sbin/soundoff, then pkexec /usr/sbin/soundon

Still not reliable; I just rebooted and the sound is off and I had to redetect and soundoff soundon.  Hmmm.

Would I run OpenSolaris or Solaris?  Sure for servers.  It has a lot of system features such as ZFS, Crossbow, Virtualization, and so forth.  But, as a desktop app?  I don’t know; maybe if I were getting paid to do so.  Like Linux, its going to have its share of device issues and incompatibilities.  For example, Google Toolbar is not available for FireFox on OpenSolaris.  Not a biggie, unless your used to having it.

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