External HD enclosure with SATA to eSATA

Finally switched my external HD enclosure from external USB to eSATA hardware.

Finally switched my external HD enclosure from external USB to the included eSATA hardware.

It worked! I didn’t measure performance, but I clicked on the drive and the explorer window popped up quick, not like the usual USB drive. Then I did a check disk (w/fix) on it. Wow! How fast.

RoseWill RX358-S SLV, a single disk enclosure, comes with support for SATA to eSATA interface. What’s nice is that comes with the hardware, bracket and the cable. Just had to plug the internal cable to a SATA plug on the PC motherboard. No drivers or software to install.

Interesting, I thought that SATA and eSATA were incompatible; the hardware is just a connector adapter.

Now if Windows 7’s backup software were not so inscrutable. Not sure if differential really works, see. The 1TB drive already has only 314GB free after only two backups!


  1. RoseWill RX358-S SLV
  2. Sold on Newegg.com

— HP P6230Y
— AMD Phenom II X4 810/2.6 Ghz
— Windows 7 Professional
— HIS HD 5670 IceQ 1GB (128bit) GDDR5 PCIe Display Port (DirectX 11/ Eyefinity)
— Samsung SyncMaster P2350
— Acer P241w

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