Eliades Ochoa

Eliades Ochoa is a Grammy winning artist who was part of the Buena Vista Social Club.

Eliades Ochoa achieved world wide fame with his involvement in the “Buena Vista Social Club”. He has not slowed down.

If you listen closely to his works you’ll notice that his guitar playing is actually quite fantastic. Yeah, yeah, rock star X can shred your face off … lol!

Hailed as a “Cuban Johnny Cash,” Eliades Ochoa has an earthy sound and rustic style (topped off by his trademark cowboy hat) that is all his own. The Grammy-winning guitarist and singer was born in a rural mountain town, where he picked up his first tres guitar at age 6. He hasn’t stopped playing since. The self-described “Guajiro” (Cuban provincial) offers piquant renditions of son, guararcha, bolero and changu├», resulting in memorable collaborations with Bob Dylan and, most famously, Buena Vista Social Club. In 2006, he released Se Solto un Leon, a reference to his first album, A Lion is Loose. — from http://www.montrealjazzfest.com/artists/artist.aspx?id=7274


sublime ilusion – Eliades Ochoa


eliades ochoa-mi magdalena-.mpg

Eliades Ochoa, Yiri Yiri Bon


Eliades Ochoa – Volver

Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan

Eliades Ochos guitar solo – Buena Vista Social Club

el carretero

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