Eclipse IDE 4.2 UI is austere

Some people don’t like the new Eclipse Juno release default L&F. Its kind of underwhelming.

I don’t think it is so bad. For use on a large monitor (and what company tortures their developers with small monitors?) the earlier UI is much better. On laptops and smaller monitors, the new UI makes sense.

If you rather have the 3.x appearance go into Window -> Preferences -> General -> Appearance. There you will find a drop down to select the Theme. When I installed the new version the default was “Windows 7″. Change to “Classic”, then restart Eclipse.

The result should be more like Eclipse 3.8.

What is worse is the the changes to UI behavior. For example, I tried to put the Outline view on top of the Navigator view. The UI would attempt to arrange them every which way but stacked. Finally on a guess I dragged a view to the actual tab area, not the view’s work area (as in version 3.8) and it worked.

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