Don't give a fish, teach how …

A Chinese proverb reused for the market driven world

Remember that old “wisdom”? I saw this on the web yesterday:

“Don’t give a man a fish. Teach him to fish. Then sell him a bucket of bait, rent him tackle and a boat, and charge him per-hour to fish on your private lake.”

Hilarious! Has so many ways of interpretation, from just a joke, to perhaps a commentary on how the “real” world works.

If I were cynical, I would goof and say the GOP should use this in their 2012 Presidential campaign:

GOP 2012 Campaign Platform

Don’t give the poor, unemployed, under-employed, and downtrodden, any welfare-state bleeding heart liberal hand holding.

Let’s give them the bare minimum, then nickle-and-dime them to death; that is good return on capital!

[I’m independent, btw. I loathe the buffoonery of the American political process.]

Off topic:
Interesting that the quote would not even fit on a tweet.

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