Delta Faucet, a product that actually works!

The Delta Faucet is a great and affordable showerhead.

This page, Smart Solutions : Delta Faucet, describes the technology behind the H2OKinectic Technology in this shower head.  Don’t know if its bogus or not, but I do like the shower head.  The first time I tried it I was very surprised.   The shower experience did feel “wetter”.   I felt warmer and the spray was really intense.   This is from someone that used a waterpick type shower head.

I think this is the model I have:   And, here are some customer reviews at Amazon.  I agree with one reviewer, one drawback is that people want to stay in the shower longer.   Note one reviewer wrote that the Fluidics technology really comes from Alsons.

Nope, this is not a bogus review of this product.  I got no compensation for posting this (I wish).

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