Saving a TiddlyWiki page in Chrome browser

How to save a tiddlywiki in Chrome browser

I could not save a change I made to a TiddlyWiki page opened in Google Chrome browser.

A quick search and a I found a page that suggested that the TiddlySaver.jar should be in the same folder as the TiddlyWiki web page your using and Java should be supported in the browser. The TiddlySaver.jar file is actually a non-visible applet.

So, I visited the TiddlyWiki site and downloaded the TiddlyWiki page which also contains the jar.  Copied the jar to the target folder that contains my page and after a restart of Chrome I can now save a TiddlyWiki page. Note, If you visit the site with a different browser and download, you won’t get the jar file since it is not needed. (?).

To Do

  • Find out how TiddlyWiki can claim to be a Single Page Application (SPA) yet still require in certain environments a Java applet for saving. In future HTML 5 will help of course.

Some more information at:


  • Sep 3, 2012: Tiddlywiki on latest Chrome broke; won’t even allow the Java plugin to work. Or Chrome itself is having issues with the latest Java version.
    • Google Chrome 21.0.1180.83 (Official Build 152131) m
    • OS: Windows 64bit
    • WebKit: 537.1 (!125733)
    • java version “1.7.0_07”
  • 4/23/11: Saving under Chrome version 10.0.648.205 stopped working. TiddlyWiki version 2.6.2. Windows 7. I have the saver jar, and I even tried the “–enable-file-cookies” option in the launch properties. Still debugging.
  • 4/23/11 – 22:39: Now it’s working. Haven’t done anything. Strange.
  • The latest site updates are a little better when it comes to ‘download’ instructions. It’s funny though, if you visited the site, you already downloaded the app!


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