Apple wants to ban the Samsung Note phablet

I used to own an iPhone then I switched to the Note. I especially bought the Note because it was not like an iPhone at all. Seriously, 5.3 inch screen; I could finally read without going blind. Everything is much better at that size, unless all you want to look like is trendy with that little tiny thing up to your ears all day long.

I don’t begrudge any legitimate patent concerns, especially hardware. But, stylistic, generic shapes, and to some extent Look and Feel, that is harder to justify. Like a bar of soap. Could you imagine companies going to court because their soap’s shape was copied by another company. How many ways can you produce a bar of soap so that it adheres to certain human factors, like easy to hold.

Maybe Apple should just continue to innovate and for a change listen to the non-fanboy potential customers. Like make a bigger phone. The reviewers all panned the Note, but it is selling.

The whole software patents thing is very fuzzy. For example, one of the patents being used in Apples suit is the “Data Detectors”. Don’t tell me that since the 1950s no program has parsed data looking for patterns of datum and acted on it? Even Google mines email and anything it can get it’s hands on and reuses embedded data to generate ads. Of course, it knows what the data is for, using patterns, one can know that something is a URL, for example. What are *nix tools if not parsers of files looking for patterns.

Maybe I am missing something about the patent? Perhaps, what the patent is really about is the vectoring of found patterns into ‘end user’ goal oriented automated actions. Hmmm. I bet the Eclipse IDE does things like that.


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